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A casual mention of your name
displaces clarity
until the light bulb sparks to life,
beams dispersing the fog on my mind.
You were my everything
I find you in every thing -
books on shelves,
lyrics in songs,
memories under weights
that I'm either too weak to lift
or too wise to bring back.
And yet
I forgot you.
I forgot who I promised to never forget.
I forgot what life
won't let stay forgotten.
I forgot how much
I wish I could forget.
How I wish I could forget.
How could I forget?
:iconamerevengeance:amerevengeance 2 1
Jumping Ship
You don't have to love me,
I'll be fine if you never do.
What would hurt me
is if you never love you.
You're more than you realize;
I know you think the same
when you look in my own eyes
down to all of my self blame.
I think many things are my fault
because I'm the common denominator,
but maybe that's something I should halt
because what if I'm only
an uncommonly common factor?
You haven't told me everything,
this is a lot of speculation;
you worry you'll ruin anything,
based on my calculations.
I want to make sure you know
as much as I'm logical and rational,
I'm always willing to go
on adventures merely making promises
they could be something sensational.
So let's jump ship to swim ashore,
to hell with the jeers of those aboard
claiming no journey can be its own reward,
and find out if we are who
each other has been waiting for.
:iconamerevengeance:amerevengeance 1 0
Simplistic Words When You're Anything But
The moon still pulls on the tides
with force that never fully subsides
while the sun still dies every night
to let a thousand stars come to light,
as I still find myself perpetually gravitating
to your heart and mind so captivating.
:iconamerevengeance:amerevengeance 0 0
I memorized your silhouette by sight,
every curve and contour,
and now I want my fingertips to flow
along those same outlines.
I learned the cadence of your footsteps,
in hopes one day I'll hear them
coming to me before anyone else.
I recognize you by touch alone;
if I became blind, I could know you
from the way your hands send sparks
across my shoulders and down my back.
But more than what I know, above all else I want
to learn your heart and
I want to keep it safe.
:iconamerevengeance:amerevengeance 0 0
The rain turned to crystals in the sky,
as sparkling as the look in your eyes.
Cold they were, but they would melt,
just as I intended to thaw your heart
until my adoration could be felt.
Leaves no longer died under skies of grey,
instead life began to grow under the sun's rays.
So, too, did my love for you swell,
but as time went on, much like rain,
it eventually, unexpectedly, fell.
Temperatures caused wavy visions,
as out of reach as my old mission.
I stopped chasing as you had asked,
but the heated memories of your words
I failed to let stay in the past.
The trees aged and lost their color,
while the spark in your eyes seemed duller.
Time would bring the life back again
after it becomes buried under ice;
for your icy heart I hope time does the same.
:iconamerevengeance:amerevengeance 0 0
Driftwood Hope
The ship sailed, pushed from shore with
my stowaway heart aboard. Hope and ocean waves
pulled it in; the gusts breathed into the sails
in remembrance of your breaths blown
across my skin. Your toying with my strings
rocked my course, or maybe it was only
the turbulent waters that left me wondering
in which way would lay what I
searched so hard for. The hull splintered
on rocks just beneath the surface as my desire
splintered on dashed hopes beneath my surface.
A ship can be repaired with new wood,
some nails, and time. I've run out of timber
and I've never learned how to hold things together.
If time alone could solve damaged vessels,
my veins wouldn't have to be filled by
the stinging salt waters I find surrounding me.
Is it better to be adrift on the past or
drowning in a new sea?
:iconamerevengeance:amerevengeance 1 0
The Infinity of Space
My thoughts have been consumed
like matter by a dark hole. Except
what has taken hold of my everything
is far from dark; it's as blazing as the stars
that will burn out long before
my interest shall.
When your Aurora Borealis touch
flares across my back,
the spark spreads through me
with the same energy as galaxies expanding.
Not even Jupiter's multitude of moons
could pull back the tides of my attraction;
Mar's namesake couldn't match my wrath
when anyone hurts you anymore than
Venus' namesake could match your beauty.
I will never discover new planets,
but then again,
the only celestial body I care to explore
is yours.
:iconamerevengeance:amerevengeance 0 0
100% Alcoholic by Volume
My heart circulates more alcohol than hemoglobin
ever since your love was lost and your promises broken.
They told me to be careful, don't get burned,
but no one ever told me warning signs to learn
for other impending disasters. Now as liquor drowns
my sensibilities after you readily let all my hopes down,
I find myself wondering what I ever saw in you -
a heart that couldn't be made up,
a mind that didn't know what was right,
a body with no secrets left.
Whether I was one of many or one of few,
it doesn't even matter anymore when I'm in thought.
I'd say I was lost in it except this locale where I'm caught
is one I've found myself in far too many times before.
The bottles piling up around me more and more
serve to remind me that the only handle I've got on anything
is one made of glass and filled with vodka (and the sting
of trying to forget how quickly you deserted me when
someone better came walking in).
:iconamerevengeance:amerevengeance 0 0
The Llamas and The Frog Wizard by amerevengeance The Llamas and The Frog Wizard :iconamerevengeance:amerevengeance 0 2
Piano to Forte
I was never as good as you
at making memories from strings and ivory.
Such talent you had, for drawing forth music
that would be as lilting  -
or as woeful -
as you needed it to be.
It doesn't stop me now, though;
it may be my fingers upon the keys,
but it's your soul within the sounds.
You would sit here for hours
almost every day, lost in your thoughts.
And now, despite your portrait on the walls
and the ring still set around my finger,
nothing pushes me
to get lost in thoughts of you
the way idly pressing on this piano does.
:iconamerevengeance:amerevengeance 2 3
On the Horizon
Somewhere far away from here, there is
a land where the rain comes
only as often as you want it to.
It's a land where the sun doesn't glare
and the night doesn't blind,
where the weather is perfect for holding you tight
while the stars shine.
We'll dangle our feet over the cliff;
people would think us reckless fools,
if there was anyone for miles around to see us.
We'll watch the sun sink into the sea.
Aren't the colours of the sky
more beautiful than anything you ever did see?
...Except, of course, for the pairing of you and me.
Somewhere far beyond us,
the birds and forest critters continue on
with their chattering and their scurrying and
their little woodland lives.
But as for me, I could swear that time is frozen,
for all I can see, all I hear, all I think, all I know
is you.
:iconamerevengeance:amerevengeance 5 4
Sapient but Ignorant
People, people everywhere,
but they've not a care to spare.
And who am I, to wonder why
they want to be unaware
of the loneliness and the want
hidden by every person's glares?
So many of us walk on by,
with furtively downcast eyes,
to act like we cannot see
that every person on this earth,
every person away at sea,
every person who's wished to fly
in the cloud-filled skies
is part of one humanity.
:iconamerevengeance:amerevengeance 6 5
Astrological Intervention?
The silence fell around them,
much like the pieces of her heart dropped
into her stomach. Was this really
all she would get? A single sentence
spoken by her lover made her lover
her lover no more.
Tears began to pool against her will,
and no amount of lip-biting would
stop their inevitable descent.
After every memory of the four years -
every kiss, every fight,
every pain, every love -
shot through her mind
as quickly (and painfully) as an arrow,
she realized her heartbreaker was waiting.
"Please, can't we... I-"
A curt shake of her former lover's head
cut her short.
"You can't stop this. You knew
When we began that 'we' wouldn't last."
A smile tried to force its way out
from behind the tears. The smile cracked
into sobs and soon they were
back in each other's arms, as though
everything was still going to be fine.
"...I'll always love you..." she whispered.
"I know... I love you too..."
The words, though sincere, brought
no comfort; not when
The tests results came back positive
for can
:iconamerevengeance:amerevengeance 2 1
Molded metal, lying in a case,
Has sat too long in just one place.
Instead of being polished once a week,
It never comes out to shine or speak.
If picked up, its voice would still be proud,
But no player has let it speak aloud.
Weeks and even months have passed,
And though a burning flame of desire lasts,
The player never quites gives in to temptation;
Excuses persist to prolong the stagnation
Of music poured forth from the old trumpet.
And yet...
Floating through the mind now and then
Are tones of songs aching to be played once again.
:iconamerevengeance:amerevengeance 6 3
I don't know where I'm going, but I know I need to leave.
There's nothing left for me here -
Just dead end streets and dead end jobs.
This town is a trap, only more quicksand than quick metal teeth.
It'll suck you in slowly and give no escape...
Until death comes a-knocking on your door.
I'll be okay, don't worry. I've got
Everything you ever gave me -
Good heart, good head on my shoulders, and good humour.
So I guess this is my goodbye to the town
That never got to say goodbye to you, Pa.
I hear a car a-coming down the hill, and this time
I aim to climb aboard when the city folk offer me a ride.
I may not make it big,
I may not make a fortune,
But all I want
Is to make you proud.
:iconamerevengeance:amerevengeance 3 14
'...I already fell.'
"For me? :/"
That :/ told me all I needed to know.
It never meant anything to you, not the way it did to me.
I don't like being touched by most people, including being hugged. You though... I would've done many things just for you to send an internet-hug. So when I encouraged you, that should have been a sign.
I don't like to initiate contact with other people either. In fact I really only have any prolonged contact with people I like. Hint-hint, nudge-nudge? Did I sincerely strike you as someone who'd do that with just anyone?
Yeah, I totally kiss and snuzzle and tight-hug and snuggle my friends all the time. ...Sarcasm? From me? I'm quite sure I don't know what you're talking about...
"You probably hate me now"
If only. If only I could. But, as I told you, I am not so fickle with my affection.
It'd be so much easier though, certainly. Just forget about you, forget I ever had any sort of emotion connected to you? Yeah. I really wish I could. I can't though. My heart doesn't work that
:iconamerevengeance:amerevengeance 2 6

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